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His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Our Founder Acharya

Srila Prabhupada came to New York in 1965 and in twelve short years made the chanting of ‘Hare Krishna’ known throughout the world. He started a spiritual revolution wherein devotion, simplicity and compassion became the direction for living. Coming from a lineage of self-realised teachers, Srila Prabhupada gave a fearless exposition of devotional wisdom which had been kept locked within India for centuries.

OKC Rupanugas / ISKCON Oklahoma City

500 years back, Lord Nityananda has predicted that the transcendental chanting of The Holy Names of The Lord will spread to every town and village all over the world. The prophecy continued with a sounding proof as our beloved Acharya A.C Bhakthi Vedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada took the transcendental medicine for the diseased human society in the form of Hare Krishna movement far and wide throughout the entire world. The movement and the process has penetrated millions of hearts of fallen conditioned souls to revive their dormant love for The Supreme Personality Of GodHead Sri Krishna. As a result of this movement and as it reaped the benefits to the maximum in west, a young married couple from Michigan, Detroit who have realized the importance of the sublime message came to Oklahoma City in 2009. By the mercy of Their Lordships Sri Sri Nitai NavadweepChandra, the first BhaktiVriksha started in early fall of 2009 in their residence. As a result few devotees sprouted and they have been conducting BhaktiVriksha's every Friday till date. Some of the devotees were initiated by HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj under the guidance of our Dear most Siksha guru HG Yugal Kishore Prabhuji. By the grace of Guru and Guranga, many senior and exalted devotees kept visiting OKC to inspire and encourage the devotees around here.